Karen D. Scheib

Write to Thrive


Practices for Thriving in Life and Ministry

Thriving, flourishing – is what God intends. Floundering –– caught in the competing demands and changing roles of ministry –– is what many of us experience.

Everyday we craft the stories of our lives. Some of these stories help us thrive, others leave us languishing

Write to Thrive, an approach to writing as a spiritual practice, enhances flourishing in life and ministry.

  • The first step requires close reader of life stories, our own and others. Any writing teacher will tell you a good writer is a careful reader.
  • The second step in engaging in a writing practice. We can revise the stories that leave us languishing.

Write to Thrive Resources

  • Tips  for attending to stories
  • Writing exercises and prompts
  • On-line writing workshops